About Primary School (SD)

In the Primary School, DES follows the National Indonesian Curriculum regarding its social studies (thematic) program and a Singaporean Curriculum for Mathematics, Science and English. These two curricula provide a coherent, flexible and relevant set of studies, which ensure that all children develop the attributes, knowledge and skills they will need to flourish in life, learning and work, now and in the future. In addition to the 'basics', the Primary School offers enrichment studies so that its students become well-rounded productive citizens. This is accomplished by offering the Primary students a variety of different curricular areas:

  • Mandarin Language

  • Religious and Social Education

  • Computer Studies

  • Art

  • Physical Education (Sports)

Program of Studies

The purpose of the curricula is ensure that our students not only enjoy coming to school every day, but achieve the following four capacities by becoming:

  • Successful learners

  • Confident individuals

  • Responsible citizens

  • Effective contributors to their communities.

At DES we believe that the four capacities listed above are vitally important to our goal of creating students who are life-long learners. Our curricular is structured to allow students to work at their specific level – something that we feel is important.  Our teachers look at a mixture of classroom work, projects and written tests to help them assess the level that the students are working at.  These assessments are checked against specific experiences and outcomes and this information both used to inform future lessons and also be passed on to parents.  Traditionally this is done through quarterly written reports, which are given in September, December, March and June.  To ensure that our parents are able to follow their child’s progress throughout the year, parents are requested to collect their child's school reports every quarter.