About Cambridge

DES has two programs for its Middle School students (Grades 7 – 10).  The Indonesian National curriculum and The University of Cambridge International Examinations curriculum.

The Cambridge International Examinations (ClE) curriculum is the world's largest provider of international qualifications for 12-19 year olds.

DES currently offers the Cambridge Secondary 1 Program (Grades 7 & 8) and the Cambridge Secondary 2 Program (Grades 9 & 10) which includes the International General Certificate of Secondary Examinations (IGCSE).


Program of Studies

Cambridge Secondary 1 Program (Year 7 and 8)

Students in this program are initiated into wider subject areas in order that by the end of the two years at the lower secondary the students will become familiar with the core subjects areas and will have acquired sufficient knowledge and skills to identify their preferences and eventually streamline into specific subject groups for the IGCSE Examinations to be taken at the end of Grade 10.
The school offers the following core subjects at the lower secondary level.

  • English

  • Bahasa lndonesia

  • Mandarin

 Core Subjects

  • Mathematics

  • General Science

  • Information Technology

  • Geography

  • Business Studies

 Co-curricular Subjects

  • Art

  • Physical Education

The curriculum frameworks and assessment objectives of the program are set by the CIE and assessments are made in accordance with the standards set by the examinations department of the University of Cambridge.  The assessment is intensive through Progression Tests and the Cambridge Checkpoint test in the end.
At the end of Grade 8, the school organizes an academic counseling session in which students, parents and teachers discuss the scope of each subject and the particular strengths and tastes of the students individually in order to help the students make the important selection of subjects for the IGCSE Examinations which is to be taken at the end of Grade 10.


Cambridge Secondary 2 Program/IGCSE (Year 9 and 10)

The IGCSE curriculum is one of the most widely recognized education certificates in the world for 14-19 year olds.  The Cambridge portfolio of IGCSE qualifications provides a solid foundation for higher-level courses such as GCE A and AS Levels and an excellent preparation for future employment.
The IGCSE curriculum is known for its rigorous as well as balanced approach to secondary education.  It develops in students essential skills including thinking skills, research skills, application of knowledge, problem solving skills and teamwork.  IGCSE offers a wide range of subjects under the heads following heads: Languages, Mathematics, Humanities, Sciences, and Vocational and Technical.  It also pays takes cognizance of the varying levels of ability in students and allows them to choose between core and extended syllabi.
During the 2016 – 2017 school year, Grade 10 will be added to the school’s program whereby the goal is to eventually offer our students 10 subjects for their IGCSE Examinations.  Special emphasis will be given to core subjects in order to enjoy wider options at advanced levels of study.  Moreover, the 10 subjects are chosen with a view to extend to the students the opportunity to obtain the IGCSE group award known as lCE certification.